The story of SeaTimber Media

SeaTimber Media was created in 2019 after Nic was challenged by his wife, Mecaela.

Mecaela: "What would you do with your time if money were no object"

Nic: "I'd earn a living with my camera"

Mecaela: "Then go and do it!"

Based in Napa, California SeaTimber Media offers photography, cinematography, and other marketing services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Why the name SeaTimber?

Nic’s German surname “Meerholz” directly translates: meer: sea and holz: wood or timber. Combined with his love of walking the beach with his daughter and collecting shells and driftwood, the name felt like a natural fit.

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Jasa L

“It was great working with Nic! He was eager, passionate, open to feedback and brought great energy.”

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