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Our Philosophy

Photographs Are Made not taken

As the well-known photographer Ansel Adams, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

Based in Napa, California, SeaTimber offers photography, videography, website and media services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Why the name SeaTimber? Nic’s German surname “Meerholz” directly translates to meer: sea and holz: wood or timber. Combined with he and his daughter’s love of walking the beach together and collecting shells and driftwood, the name felt like a natural fit.

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“Nic Meerholz of SeaTimber Photography is exceptional in his professionalism, efforts, energy, creativity and "can do" attitude.

Nic goes the extra mile for the "perfect" shot and his flexibility to work around clients and agents schedule sets him apart from the rest of his peers.”